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Dani Extreme V2 review

Karin Spaink

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Overgenomen van reddit, http://www.reddit.com/r/electronic_cigarette/comments/3824j6/dani_extreme_v2_tube_mod_german_engineered/


Note: I am in no way affiliated with the manufacturer or distributors of this device. Also, I do not have a lot of free time at the moment, so this review only scratches the surface.


After messing around with three different box mods that all go well beyond the 100 Watts mark, I recently purchase a brand new regulated, temperature control (TC) 18650 tube mod from Dicodes, a manufacturer in Germany (I live in Germany), named Dani Extreme V2. With 40 Watts max and priced at 199 Euro, this mod really departs from my usual choices of regulated mods and I cannot be more happy about it (except for the price).


More about the mod:


This thing is rather complex. Its menu is huge, though tough to navigate (more on that later). You can control and view just about every aspect of the device. If you think I am exaggerating then you should take a look at the manual: http://www.dicodes.de/upload/Dani%20Extreme%20V2%20manual%20rev1.pdf

I picked three things that really stood out to me:


Temperature control, er I mean VW, no it’s a mech mod


The chip that Dicodes developed for this mod is versatile. You can manually set it to five different modes: Tempature control, Standard VW, Bypass, power boost and heat protection.


TC: Set a temperature (Fahrenheit or Celsius) and it will use the preset wattage (5 to 40 watts) to reach that temperature quickly. After it has been reached, the chip will regulate power output to stay precisely at that temperature. I do not have any measurements, but it seems to do so very accurately. Additionally, this mod can handle many different types of wire, which is very convenient. The only thing you have to do is set the right heat coefficient of the material that you are using (Dicodes provides a table of coefficients for common types of wire material) and that’s it.


Standard VW: Everyone knows how this works. Set your mod to anything in the range of 5 to 40 watts and vape away. Easy and works just as well as with other devices.


Bypass: Don’t care about VW or TC? Well, then throw a dripper on it and set it to bypass mode. In this mode, the mod acts as a mech mod. Very simple and straight forward. Unfortunately, the maximum output is 15 amps, but still.


I have not figured out power boost or heat protection, yet. You can read more about these modes in the manual linked above. I am vaping mainly on TC and it works so great that I do not miss my high-wattage mods. No burned wick, consistent warmth and perfect flavor. What else do I want or need?


Build quality and display


This mod screams German engineering. The threads are prefect; the small firing button (the only button on this device) is sunk into the body of the mod and has a really nice tactile feel to it. The display is small, but big enough to show all relevant information. It’s bright (can be adjusted) and sharp. No complaints here. The display is not the only thing that is small about this mod. It’s about 10,4cm long and 22mm thick. These dimensions make it one of the smallest regulated tube mods with TC on the market, if not the smallest.


The stainless steel body comprises three different sections: The topcap, battery tube and battery cap. It seems that all three parts are manufactured from different batches of the same steel, so there are slight differences in color and finish. It’s not that noticeable; however, it bothers me, but it’s not a deal breaker. Still, I think that this should not happen at this price range.


The menu


Oh boy, this was frustrating to get used to. You have one button to navigate a two-level-deep menu with lots and lots of settings. It works something like this: Three clicks (this can be changed) to activate the main menu. Each subsequent click within a set time limit (can also be changed) cycles through the different settings in the main menu. Once you have found the right setting, you have to wait a certain amount of time for it to activate (I am pretty sure you can change that, too). Now, you can change the value with each click. For settings such a temperature or wattage, there are two separate settings for increasing and decreasing its value, so you do not have to cycle all the way through if you missed the desired value. To go back or make changes to a different setting, you have to wait until the screen turns off and then start from the beginning. I believe you can start to see that once you go deeper into the menu, this can become frustrating. Eventually, I got used to it and I do not find myself changing values very often. Actually, I love the one-button design and rather have a difficult to navigate menu than two or three additional buttons just for that.




I could probably talk about this device for days, but I am not going to beat around the bush here: This mod is the best mod I have used in a while. Of course, it isn’t perfect, but its TC works so well that I do not want to use anything else anymore. It took a while for me to justify spending 200 Euros on a mod, but I am very happy that I made this decision instead of purchasing another device from fasttech or whatever. I am 100% sure that I will stick to this mod for a very long time. I also think that making it possible to use different types of heating wire material for TC, even though they sell their own special wire, is a truly innovative and a game changer. Its build quality and overall versatility does not leave much else to desire. My


score: 9.5/10



Display: http://i.imgur.com/BwIozns.jpg

Button: http://i.imgur.com/UTfXsIF.jpg

Mod with Atty (FeV V3 Clone): http://i.imgur.com/3Xu68mM.jpg

German video review (two parts...): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGAC5jFHFqo


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Gij zult niet begeren uws naasten mod; gij zult niet begeren uws naasten Dani Extreme V2, noch zijn SX350 Mini M, noch zijn dienstmaagd, noch haar Pipeline Pro 2, noch haar Oliespuitje, noch iets, dat uws naasten is.

Het was mij al duidelijk dat de nieuwste Dicodes producten (de Dani Extreme V2 en de Pipeline Pro 2 en de Dicodes 2380) de absolute top zijn.


Zag al Obi's 2-delige review:

Akkuträger-Review - Teil 1: DANI extreme 2, Pipeline Pro 2 und 2380T von dicodes - Übersicht
Akkuträger-Review - Teil 2: DANI extreme 2, Pipeline Pro 2 und 2380T von dicodes - Menüs & Messungen

(Edit: ik zag later pas dat je deze al noemde)


En de loftrompet werd ook gestoken in dit interessante draadje:

TC beyond Ni200: Nickel Purity, Dicodes; Ti, SS, Resistherm NiFe30; Coefficient of Resistance


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…ik geloof dat ik nu inmiddels wel snap waarom iedereen opeens zijn of haar oude Dani's te koop aanbiedt :-)

De 2380 overtuigd me nog niet helemaal, maar de Dani 2 is inderdaad een behoorlijk begerenswaardig apparaat. Ik zag trouwens dat de basic en de Extreme 1 inmiddels behoorlijk zijn afgeprijsd: €40,- minder!

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…ik geloof dat ik nu inmiddels wel snap waarom iedereen opeens zijn of haar oude Dani's te koop aanbiedt :-


Ik heb de v2 nu 2 weken naar zeer grote tevredenheid in gebruik icm de dicodes draad in m'n erl's en drippers en ben bang dat ik al mijn oude mods, mech en geregeld, nooit meer zal gebruiken.


Ben dus heel blij met m'n nieuwe aanwinst, maar wellicht minder blij met de plotselinge devaluatie van de rest van m'n spullen :grins

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bijna :grins


ik zat ook erg te twijfelen :-)

Maar aangezien ik op dit moment niet voorspel dat ik ooit ga stacken (80 ipv 40 Watt) of hem in 18350 modus wil gaan gebruiken koos ik voor de gewone.

Bovendien is de gewone v2 net iets compacter.

Geen problemen met de vaste centerpin ondervonden tot dusver.

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Haha.. ik had exact dezelfde overwegingen. 80 watt zie ik mezelf voorlopig niet echt nodig hebben, kom nu zelden boven de 24 uit. En het meer compacte geheel spreekt mij ook meer aan. Binnenkort een jaar rookvrij, denk dat ik mezelf dan maar eens een mooi cadeau geef in de vorm van de V2. Of toch de Pipeline Pro 2... 


Is dat menu echt zo lastig onder de knie te krijgen? Of valt het mee?

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menu kost wat gewenning, ik kom van een Eye af, ook maar één knop, maar in de Dani zitten zoveel méér functies.

Je klikt snel over een menu item heen, waardoor je weer opnieuw moet beginnen.

Maar ik was er na een paar dagen al aardig in thuis (hoewel ik nog niks gedaan heb met de extended functies)


M'n huidige setup is interessant vind ik.

Erl met een open coil op 0,5 ohm (0,54 ohm op 23ËšC en 0,9 ohm op 210ËšC) (dicodes wire)

Temperatuur instelling staat dus op 210ËšC en vermogen op 40 Watt (!)


Dampt als een dolle en dus never nooit nog een dryhit, wat met deze setup in een Erl Konigin voor mij best uniek is.

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Guest wwwimmlm

Dear vapers,


I am a proud owner of the Dicodes Dani Extreme V2. I can only agree with all the positive comments I've read so far.


But I have a perhaps strange question:


When travelling(by plane), I was wondering if I carry this device in my hand luggage , is it accepted by the security check?

It could be seen as a weapon? It's rather heavy and it has the shape of a stick?


It would be a shame if I had to leave it at the checkup desk.

Has anyone experience with it?


Many tanks.

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Dear wwwimmlm,


For my employer I travel quite a bit, the last 18 months I've been to 12 countries, and 19 airports.

Never have I had any issues with security checks concerning my mods, batteries, atomisers or liquids in hand luggage.


The only time my hand luggage was fully unpacked was in Fukuoka Japan.

After looking for a long time they found my ceramic tweezers.

Apparently they have specific alerts for ceramics (for good reasons) Additionally the tweezer is a (very) sharp opbject.

my long DSLR tele lenses also show up weird in scanners, which also triggered them to be conspicuous

Once they saw what it was I was let through, they evne let me take the tweezers on board.


My liquids are always kept in a translucent zip-lock bag. (as per normal requirements for liquids)


I've been to 5 US airports without issues.


All that said there are countries with known issues around vape related material.

There is a dedicated thread on this forum with stories of confiscation.

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