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in rusland zijn er weer svoemesto Kayfun's 3.1

Guest hendrik77

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Vanmiddag ook hier:


Super dampertje, zeer eenvoudig te rebuilden.

Ga straks eens kijken of ik de mini versie kan bemachtigen.



The latest batch of SvoeMesto Kayfun atomisers will be released as soon as we open at midday on Wednesday 17th April. This is UK time, which may be different to the time in your particular location.

Although we do have a large batch, demand is still huge and we are limiting purchases to one per customer only, no exceptions. You may not order two of the same size Kayfun, but if you wish to obtain both a v3.1 and a mini v2.1, you may purchase one of each of those, but orders of more than a single unit of the same type will be rejected and refunded in full and you may lose out completely on this batch. Please understand that this is to ensure as many people as possible have a chance to purchase one.

PLEASE DO NOT publicise this release information on any forum. Keeping the release information limited to those subscribed to the newsletter, gives those people a greater chance of being able to obtain one. Once the information gets publicised on forums, the site gets absolutely swamped, and those who have been waiting patiently for ages might miss out.

We also ask existing owners to try to refrain from purchasing a second (or third) Kayfun from this batch, again so that those who have been waiting to purchase their first one, have a better chance of doing so.

Placing items in your cart does not "reserve" them or guarantee that you will be able to order them. Your order is not complete and in the system until you have returned to our site from the PayPal payment site, having fully completed payment. Therefore, if you have limited stock or fast selling items in your cart, they could sell out if someone else is purchasing the same item at the same time and completes checkout before you.

If you forget to order something and place another order later on, please do not ask us to combine your order or refund shipping costs. Multiple orders may automatically be combined by our batch processing system or they may not, depending on where the two orders are in the batch, and it's not something we can alter or accommodate, particularly during this extremely busy time.

Good luck!

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